Pet Friendly Gardens

Gardens can be a fantastic place for your pets but they can also be quite dangerous. Here are some of our top tips to keep them safe!

Garden Boundaries

Use good quality fencing to keep your pet secure and be sure to keep your gate locked to prevent your pets from running out onto a road. Be sure to regularly check for holes that may have been dug or gaps in your fencing.

Regularly check for gaps in your fencing – Source: Pixabay

Create Shade

It is important to create a spot in the garden with enough shade for your pet to relax during hot summer spells! If this can’t be done, make sure they have a kennel so that they have a chance to escape some of the harsh sunlight while everybody is relaxing outdoors. 

Try to create some shade in your garden for your pets to relax in – Source: Pexels


Make it Interesting

A garden should not only be safe for your pet but also enjoyable! Why not create some steps or small benches to allow your pet to play on in the garden. Using different types of surfaces will provide some sensory stimulation. A variety of surfaces such as grass, patio, wood chippings and concrete will all create interesting textures for your dog to feel and play around in making their surroundings more enjoyable.

Plant Smart

While many of us want our plants to provide us with colour, many plants can be quite dangerous if consumed by your pet. Opt for safer flowers such as roses, orchids and sunflowers, rather than poisonous ones like bluebells, buttercups, crocus, horse chestnut, ivy, kale, laurel, lily, lupin, maple, mistletoe, onion, spruce tree and walnut.

Some plants are more pet-friendly than others! – Source: Pixabay

Pest Control

When keeping on top of pest control in your garden be sure to use pet-friendly varieties, or try and keep it away and out of reach from areas that your pet normally spends the most time in the garden. It is also a good idea to check with your vet to ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.


Above all, have fun with your garden and with your pet. Exercise them, train and play with them, use different toys to stimulate them and allow yourself to relax, unwind and enjoy.

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