September In The Garden

Now that Autumn is here, let us talk you through how you can properly prepare for the first frost and get ready for the following spring!

Plant spring flowering bulbs

Now is the ideal time to start planting spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, bluebells and hyacinths.

Plant hardy bulbs such as tulips and daffodils in a site that is warm and receives plenty of sunlight. Bulbs that are more used to cool moist conditions such as cardiocrinum should be planted in more moist, shaded areas.

When planting in borders plant your bulbs in small groups for a better, more colourful display. Try to use larger, impressive-looking flowers like tulips or lilies when planting bulbs in pots.

Avoid overwatering

With days and nights both getting cooler, it can be tricky to know how much water a plant needs, especially when the symptoms of underwatering your plants are identical to the symptoms of an overwatered plant. This means that it’s easy to add to the problem rather than solving it.

Check out our blog on how to water plants properly, and watch the short clip below from Fergal, our expert horticulturist, for more tips.

Plant a wildflower meadow

Now is the best time to plant your wildflower seeds if you want them to flower by spring.

Plant your wildflower meadow in an area with access to plenty of sunlight. Make sure to get a nice even spread when spreading your seed, and aim for approximately five grams of seed per square meter of meadow.

Try to only mow your meadow a couple of times in the autumn and once in the spring if necessary. Make sure to keep on top of the weeding of your meadow and remove any weeds, thistles and dock leaves.

Plant wildflower seeds now for a colourful meadow in spring- Source: Pixabay
Plant wildflower seeds now for a colourful meadow in spring- Source: Pixabay

Harvest and store root crops

Potatoes are usually ready to harvest around this time of year. Wait for leaves to turn yellow and then cut it off, and dig up after a couple of weeks. Once harvested, store them in a cool, dry place over the winter.

Tomatoes should also be ripe in September. If not, remove the foliage around the tomato so that they can get access to the sunlight. Ripe tomatoes should be stored stem side up in shaded areas at room temperature. Make sure to keep tomatoes away from one another. Overripe tomatoes that are soft to touch are best stored in the fridge.

Bring houseplants back indoors

Make sure to bring any houseplants that you brought outdoors during the summer to soak up those extra rays back inside as temperatures begin to drop. Check your houseplants carefully for any garden pests such as aphids that may eat other houseplants once they get into your home. If you’re not sure but suspect the plant might contain a pest, wash it down with a garden hose.

Bring houseplants back indoors before temperatures begin to drop- Source: Pixabay
Bring houseplants back indoors before temperatures begin to drop- Source: Pixabay


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