The Perfect Time to Plant Fruit Trees

Following on our blog where we looked at planting and caring for summer fruit bushes, now is the perfect time to talk about fruit trees. 

Over the last few weeks, we have taken delivery of a wide range of different fruit trees in CountryLife. They’re magnificent and are all ready to be planted in to people’s gardens. Now is the perfect time to be thinking about planting some new fruit trees in your garden. 

The perfect time to plant

Planting fruit trees now, in early spring, will allow the tree to start establishing just as the growing season kicks off. The soil is warming up and is also moist. This means roots can easily penetrate the ground and help anchor the tree into position. 

What to consider when buying fruit trees

When it comes to adding fruit trees to your garden, the first thing I advise is that ideally apple, pear and plum trees need another variety that flowers at the same time to pollinate properly (cross-pollinate) and to get the best results. 

Space needed for fruit trees?

You don’t need space for an entire orchard! We stock a growing number of dwarf fruit trees which don’t take up as much space as traditional fruit trees. You can also get specially cultivated ‘small garden’ apple trees which have two or three different apple varieties grafted on to the same tree trunk. On these types of tree, the varieties used are often carefully paired together so that they can pollinate each other. 

Tips for planting fruit trees

No matter what type of fruit tree you decide to grow in your garden, the principles of planting them are the exact same. 

  • Find a spot in the garden that is bright and open but also protected from strong winds that could potentially damage or knock off your fruit.
  • Give the roots ample space. When I am planting fruit trees, I like to dig a hole that is about three times the size of the tree’s root system.
  • Feed the tree. When planting, use the space around the roots to work in farmyard manure. This helps give the tree a good start and it also breaks up the surrounding ground, making it easier for the trees root to grow out. We usually recommend Bord na Mona Growise Farmyard Manure because it’s been sterilized to remove any weeds
  • Support it. Give the newly planted fruit trees support by having them securely staked into the ground until they are well established. In many cases, people tend to keep them staked all the time and just adjust the tree tie as the trunk widens.
  • Smaller trees need more support. If you are growing dwarf varieties, I always recommend keeping these trees staked as they have shallower roots and can move in very strong winds.