Plant Colourful Window Boxes

There’s nothing more inviting than a colourful, well-tended to window box. So, which plants should you use? And how should you look after yours?

For windows that are left open, there’s nothing lovelier than the scent of beautiful flowers gently spreading around your home. And from the garden in, choose bright, bold, beautiful blooms to draw your eye back. Be mindful of shade and sun access, and be sure to choose plants that will thrive and blossom according to the conditions.

Window boxes can give a windowsill some much-needed colour – Source: Pixabay

How to Plant a Window Box

  1. Measure! Ideally, your box will be close to the length of the window, but a couple of inches too short isn’t the end of the world. You want at least 8 inches in width and height so there’s enough room for roots.
  2. Drainage. Drill some drainage holes to stop waterlogging.
  3. Lining. For terracotta window boxes, lining with a plastic bag is a good idea, to reduce the need for watering. Pierce plenty of holes around the bag, especially near your drainage holes.
  4. Form a drainage reservoir. You can do this using horticultural grit.
  5. Compost. Use a quality compost, like Jack’s Magic, and fill two inches from the top.
  6. Moisture control gel. Add this to increase the compost’s ability to hold and release water back into the soil when needed.
  7. Fertiliser. Add and mix a continuous release fertiliser to the compost. This gives a steady consistent release of food, which is so much better for plant growth.
  8. Plant. Gently squeeze either side of the tray your plant comes in so it comes out smoothly, and the roots won’t be damaged.
  9. Backfill. Backfill around the surface of the window box with more compost. Press firmly to eliminate air pockets. And leave a gap from the top of the window box of about an inch, so the soil won’t spill over when you’re watering it
  10. Finishing touches. You’ve put the ground work in, and time to finish the window dressing. Water, place on the windowsill, and admire!
Source: Pixabay

Caring for your Window Box

It’s important to check if your window box needs watering every second day. Simply put your finger in to the corner of the soil – if it’s moist, let it be, but if it’s dry, it might need a drink. Add a cap of feed to your water to help with flowering and growth.

Deadhead any struggling plants every once in a while, to encourage more blooms and keeping your window box bright and fresh.


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