Plant Colourful Window Boxes

A window box is the perfect addition to any windowsill that’s crying out for colour.

What Plants Should I Use In My Window Box?

There’s an endless amount of plants that are suitable for window boxes, especially in the summer months. Some factors to influence your decision should be whether your window boxes will be sheltered and in the shade, or exposed and in the sun. Plants for your window box should be chosen according to whether or not they will thrive in the environment they will be planted in.

A nice idea is to use strongly scented plants near windows that will be often left open to spread a pleasant smell around your home. 

Window boxes can give a windowsill some much-needed colour – Source: Pixabay

How to Plant a Window Box

  1. Gauge the size of your windowsill- Ideally your window box should be as close to the length of the window as possible, but a couple of inches either side isn’t the end of the world. Window boxes should be at least 8 inches in width and height to allow for top growth and to ensure that there is enough room for the roots.
  2. Drill Drainage holes- Drainage holes will prevent waterlogging in your window box.
  3. Line your window box- If you have a terracotta window box, lining it with a plastic bag is probably a good idea as it will reduce the need to water it. Make sure to pierce plenty of holes around the plastic bag, particularly where it covers the drainage holes
  4. Form a drainage reservoir- Add a layer of gravel to the base of your window box, approximately 1/10th of its depth.
  5. Fill with compost- Fill your window box with a quality compost such as Miracle Gro two inches from the top.
  6. Add moisture-control gel- Adding a moisture control gel to the compost will increase the composts ability to hold water, and releases water to the soil when needed.
  7. Mix in Fertiliser- Add and mix a continuous release fertiliser to your compost. This will ensure that the release of food is steady and consistent rather which is much better for plant growth compared to when food is released in uneven surges.
  8. Add your plants- Add and arrange your chosen plants. If your plant is in a tray, gently squeeze either side of the base of your plant and it should come out smoothly when pulled from the top and the roots won’t be damaged.
  9. Backfill around the surface- Backfill around the surface of your window box with some more compost and press down firmly to eliminate any air pockets in the compost. Leave a gap from the top of the window box of about an inch so that soil won’t spill over the top when you’re watering it.
  10. Finishing touches- Hey presto! Your window box is complete. All that’s left to do now is to water, place on your windowsill and secure it in place.
Regular watering is important- Source: The Garden Buzz


Water your plants to keep them moist, generally once a day. The moisture control gel should go a long way in keeping your plants hydrated meaning you won’t have to water as regularly. A simple way of checking is by sticking your finger into the corner of the soil. If it’s moist there’s probably no need to water, but if it’s dry you might need to.

Tidy up your window box every once and a while by deadheading any plants that are starting to struggle. This will encourage more blooms and keep your window box looking fresh.

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