Stay Safe and be seen this winter

With the clocks gone back an hour there is less daylight and the evenings are getting darker earlier. If you are going for a walk, run or a cycle in the evening times remember – to be safe is to be seen!

As we come closer into the thick of winter, the weather is becoming very cold with roads and walk ways becoming icier with a higher risk of slipping.

Simple tips to help you to stay safe this winter!

1. Wear bright clothes!

By wearing dark clothing you are hard to spot to oncoming traffic. Wearing a Hi Viz vests or jackets you have a greater chance of being spotted by traffic.

The difference between wearing bright and dark coloured clothing. Image source: Cork Fire Dep
The difference between wearing bright and dark coloured clothing. Image source: Cork Fire Dep

2. Wrap up warm

Stay warm by wearing hat, gloves and scarfs. Stay warm during the cold winter months while staying safe with our high viability fleece lined body warmer. Don’t forget you should be able to hear everything going on around you.

Using a headlamp with help light up the path. Image source: Stocksy United

3. Be seen!

Be seen, keep warm and see where you’re going on country roads with no street lights. An LED beanie hat is a great way of lighting up the road you are walking on and making sure you will be spotted by motorists.

LED hats great for winter wear

4. Keep your kids safe this winter too

Our LED kids beanies  are a great way of keeping little heads warm and the bright LED beam will make sure little walkers are seen by motorists.

Kids orange LED beanie is great for winter time

5. Light up the road

Our rechargeable head light is ideal for walking, hiking and running. The high beam lasts for up to 5 hours and lights up to 100 metres. The low beam lasts for up to 24 hours and lights up to 30 metres. The light takes up to 12 hours to charge. It has an adjustable head strap for added comfort. It is ideal for the dark winter evenings.

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6. Wear appropriate footwear

Footpaths and roads are slippy at this time of the year, make sure your shoes or boots have good grip to prevent you slipping.

7. Cyclists should never compromise their own safety.

Assess the weather and road conditions before heading out for a bike ride, make sure it is safe. It is also important to have reflective gear on your bike so you can be seen by motorists.

Lights on a bike. Image source: Flo Maderebner from Pexels

Stay safe and been seen! Assess conditions to makes sure it is safe. You can shop and in store and online our wide range of safety wear.