Garden Design and Planting

Series 2 Episode 1 DIY SOS: The Big Build Ireland The Aylward Family

As Proud Plant Partners of the DIY SOS: The Big Build Ireland, Glanbia CountryLife is extremely honoured to have worked hand in hand with the shows garden designer, Peter Donegan, to help create the garden of the Aylward’s families dreams. The first episode in season two of DIY SOS: The Big Build Ireland, features the most challenging build to date; starting with an empty site.

Here we share the garden design, as imagined by show Garden Designer Peter Donegan, and the planting list, as selected in partnership with Glanbia CountryLife Horticulturist Fergal Joy.

Garden Design:

Planting Range:

We’ve compiled the list of plants that Glanbia CountryLife provided to help bring Peter’s garden design to life. Plants were selected to compliment his design vision and deliver on the ambiance he envisaged within each space.

Central to the design and planting plan, a generous quantity of trees were added to give structure and zoning to this large garden. Adding definition, texture and height to areas such as the main garden walkway, leading down to the piano and patio area.

Perennials plants selected added lots of colour for the Aylward family. While they will die-back in the winter time, this pop of colour will remerge each year in the spring time.

Achillea ‘Sunny Seduction’CARPINUS bet. Fastigiata Feathered
Dianthus ‘Charmy’SORBUS au. Sheerwater Seedling
Gaura ‘Whirling ButterfliesHAMAMELIS x intermedia Dian
Lamium ‘Pink Chablis’LABURNUM x watereri Vossii
Nepeta mussinii ‘Purrsian Blue’CORYLUS avellana
Salvia ‘East FrieslandBETULA utilis jacquemontii
Scabiosa col. Butterfly BlueFruit Trees
Verbena ‘Scarlet’PYRUS Conference (Pear)
Echinacea ‘SunSeekers OrangeMALUS dom. Falstaff  (Apple)
Heuchera ‘Wild RoseMALUS dom. Red Windsor (Apple)
Lavender stoec. ‘Giant Summer’MALUS dom. Discovery (Apple)
Salvia greggii ‘Royal Bumble’MALUS dom. Jonagold (Apple)
Digiplexis ‘Berry CanaryMALUS dom. Idared (Apple)
Geranium ‘Orkney Cherry’MALUS dom. Bramley Seedling (Apple)
Salvia ‘Hot LipsMALUS dom. Eggremont Russet (Apple)
Coreopsis ‘Golden Sphere’MALUS dom. Katja (Apple)
Gaillardia ‘Sunset Cutie’PRUNUS Morello (Cherry)
Lobelia ‘Starship Rose’FICUS carica (Fig)
Lobelia ‘Starship ScarletRIBES UVA CRISPA MXE
Alstroemeria ‘Summer BreakFRUITMIX BIO
Alstroemeria ‘Time Valley’VACCINIUM CORYMBOSUM
Agapanthus ‘CharlotteRIBES NIGRUM
Argyranthemum WhiteRIBES RUBRUM MIX
Dianthus ‘Charmy’Annuals
Lavender angust. ‘Hidcote’Sanvitalia ‘Yellow’
Leucanthemum ‘Freak’Cosmos ‘Odyssey White
Nepeta mussinii ‘Purrsian Blue’Antirrhinum Rose
Osteospermum ‘Blue Eyed Beauty’Shrubs
Tiarella ‘Pink Skyrocket’TAXUS baccata 140-160cm EXTRA
Heucherella ‘Sweet Tea’ / ‘Pink Fizz’TAXUS baccata 80-100cm
NEPETA Six Hills GiantGrass
VERBENA bonariensisCarex testacea
CALAMAGROSTIS brachytrichaHerbs
SALVIA nem. OstfrieslandLemon Verbena (Lippia citrodoria)
Hebe ‘Wiri Mist’ 
 LAVANDULA an. HidcoteSage Tricolor
CROCOSMIA LuciferParsley Moss Curled
GERANIUM RozanneThyme Common
GEUM Totally TangerineLavender ‘Munstead’