Glasshouse Buyers Guide

Greenhouses offer us an environment to grow certain plants and vegetables all-year round- here are some of the greenhouses we have on offer:

Popular 610 Green Glasshouse

A beautiful green horticultural greenhouse featuring internal guttering to collect rainwater and two fitted roof vents for excellent ventilation. This spacious, durable and easy clean glasshouse comes with 3mm of horticultural glass and an easy open and close sliding door for access. Also comes in toughened and polycarbonate glass

Popular 66 Aluminium Glasshouse

A beautiful aluminium horticultural greenhouse also featuring integral gutters and roof ventilation. The Popular aluminium Glasshouse is perfect for any gardener, whether you are an absolute beginner, enthusiastic amateur or professional, then this greenhouse is perfect for you.

The glasshouse is attractive looking and will sit in almost any garden or back yard and not look out of place. It is a solid unit and will withstand the harshest of weather conditions. The Greenhouse will come with a matching colour base, however the ground will still need to be prepared. Once you stand inside the greenhouse and close the sliding door, you will be inside your own organic haven. You will have lots of room to move around and be comfortable amongst your house plants and garden plants.

This aluminium glasshouse is available in polycarbonate, toughened glass, and horticultural glass.

Popular 66 Alluminium 4mm Polycarbonate Glasshouse

Popular 68 Green 3mm Glasshouse

The Popular greenhouse comes with integral guttering to collect rainwater. The greenhouse can be accessed through a smooth action sliding door. To ensure the glasshouse does not get too stuffy and hot for your garden plants and vegetables during the summer, it is fitted with a roof vent. The sliding door makes it easy for you to access your fruit, vegetables, flowers and anything that you are growing yourself.

Also comes with horticultural glass with an option to update to polycarbonate or toughened.

Glasshouse Delivery

Glasshouses are delivered Monday to Friday for free and direct to your home. Customers are called 48 hours before delivery to provide AM/PM delivery date.

Get in Touch!

If you have any questions about our glasshouse range be sure to contact us on social media- @CountryLifeGC (Links in footer). If you have a specific problem such as pest damage it’s really helpful to send us a picture- we’d love to help!