DIY Watering Station For Pollinators

Transferring pollen is thirsty work- here’s how you can provide bees and butterflies with a water station in your garden:

You Will Need:

  • A wide, shallow container
  • Pebbles or marbles
  • Twine and plate (Optional)
A completed DIY watering hole for pollinators- Source: Pintrest
A completed DIY watering hole for pollinators- Source: Pintrest
  • Step 1- Fill your container with water so that only the tops of your pebbles are exposed. This should provide bees or butterflies with a safe landing spot when they come for a drink. Make sure to use enough pebbles and don’t overfill with water as the bees can’t land safely otherwise.
  • Step 2- Place the station in a location that is cool and shaded and protected from the wind. Try to position it near flowerbeds where there is plenty of bee activity.
  • Step 3- Level the soil or the mulch before you place the water station on it. You can also hang it using a thread and plate to keep it level.
  • Step 4- Check your watering station regularly. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and make sure that there is enough water for bees to access but not so much that they’ll drown.
  • Step 5- Sit back and wait for the bees to arrive for a drink! They are generally attracted to purples and blues, so it’s a good idea to use a container this colour or locate your station near plants of this colour.

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