6 Fun Halloween Activities

Have a spook-tacular Halloween and get the whole family involved with these great games and activities!

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is a great way to pass a rainy afternoon in October. There is no better way to get into the Halloween spirit than lighting some spooky pumpkins outside your front door! Why not make a game of it and see who can scoop out all of their pumpkin seeds the fastest?

Witch’s Hat Ring Toss

Did you know a witch’s hat makes a great ring toss target? Simply stand the hat(s) up on the floor and take turns tossing rings over the top. You can make your rings by cutting out the center of some paper plates. Keep scores to see who has the best aim.

Chocolate Apples

Chocolate apples are the perfect Halloween snack and they are super easy to make.

  • Take your apples and push a lollypop stick or straw through the center so you have something to hold.
  • In a bowl, melt your favourite chocolate.
  • Once melted, dip your apples into the chocolate and evenly coat them.
  • Add any topping you like and leave your apples upside down on a tray to set.
  • After about 20 minutes your apples should be ready to enjoy!

Boo Bowling

This is a great game to pass an hour or two at a Halloween party. Simply add some googly eyes to white paper cups so that they resemble ghosts and stack them up in a pyramid. Throw a soft ball at the cups and see how many ghosts you can knock down. Whoever knocks the most ghosts wins!

Donuts on a String

Hang some string from your ceiling and tie a donut to the other end. Without using any hands, try to eat the donut off the string. Fun and delicious – people will be queuing up to give this game a go!

Trick or Treat

Halloween is not complete without some trick or treating! Dress up in your favourite costume and call around to family, friends and neighbours. Knock on their door and shout TRICK OR TREAT! You may be asked to sing a song or say a poem before getting some sweets. Make sure to bring a bag or bucket for all of the lovely treats you will collect.

We hope you enjoy your Halloween games. If you’re dressing up this year, make sure to tag us in your social media posts – we would love to see them!