October in the garden

With summer well and truly behind us, October provides us with a fantastic opportunity to cut back, tidy up and prepare for the winter.

Lift and Divide Perennials

Dividing your perennials is a fantastic way to fill your garden with colour, and allows you to do so without having to leave your home. It also allows perennials that might be starting to struggle or wilt a second chance to thrive.

  1. Dig your perennial plant out of the pot or the ground
  2. Place your spade in the centre of your perennial and cut through the plant
  3. Once you’ve divided the plant, repot each section
  4. You have now created multiple plants from just one!

Maintain your greenhouse

It’s important to keep your greenhouse maintained during these autumn months. Make sure to keep your polytunnel ventilated during the day by cracking open a door to prevent a build-up of any diseases.

Now is also a good time to start moving some of your tender plants into your greenhouse to protect them from any early frosts. Be sure to leave plenty of space between them to keep them well ventilated and avoid the spreading of disease!

Make sure that you’ve also checked plants that you’re bringing inside for aphids and try to avoid allowing these to infest your greenhouse. If you’re unsure as to whether the plant contains a pest, wash it down with a hose or give it a gentle shake before bringing it inside.

Space out plants in your greenhouse to avoid the spread of disease
Space out plants in your greenhouse to avoid the spread of disease

Pick Tomatoes

Remove any tomatoes from plants under cover and use for chutneys and sauces. Check out our blog on using excess harvest for more ideas. Store green tomatoes with red ones to ripen inside a brown bag.

Cover your outdoor furniture and BBQ

In October, as the leaves begin to change and temperatures drop, it’s essential to start preparing your garden for the impending winter months. One crucial task is to ensure that your garden furniture and BBQ is properly covered and protected. The changing weather can be harsh on outdoor furniture, causing it to deteriorate over time.

By using a garden furniture cover and a BBQ cover, you can shield it from rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. This not only prolongs the life of your furniture but also makes it more inviting when you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor space again in the spring. So, as you tend to your garden’s needs this October, don’t forget to show some love to your garden furniture by giving it the protection it deserves.

Look after your lawn

Make sure to keep your lawn clear of leaves to allow your lawn to access the sunlight. Scarify your lawn thoroughly to remove any layers of thatch or old moss that might be preventing water or sunlight from accessing your grass. This should be a little easier in October than it would be in spring where you’d have to be careful of new growth.

You should also consider aerating your lawn. This essentially involves spiking your lawn to make holes in it to allow the circulation of air and nutrients. This will also mean that your lawn will be better prepared to face conditions such as waterlogging or drought during the summer.

Secure plants and trees

With autumn and winter comes wetter, windier and more extreme weather. Make sure plants and trees all around your garden are secured with stakes and ties to make sure they’re prepared for all the Irish climate has to throw at them.

Get in Touch!

If you have any questions about your October garden contact us on social media- @CountryLifeGC (Links in footer). If you have a specific problem such as pest damage it’s really helpful to send us a picture- we’d love to help!


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