June in the Garden

June is finally here and with it we have summer! Here are some of the top jobs for the month:

Maintain Tomato Plants

If you have planted tomato plants during the spring, now is probably the best time to turn your attention towards maintaining them.

Pinching side roots of tomato plants will prevent your plant from becoming overgrown and becoming too imposing in your garden. It will also mean that the plant’s energy is focused through the main stem towards the flowers rather than being diverted toward these side shoots, allowing your tomatoes to ripen quicker.

It is also important to train your plant by tying it with twine to bamboo canes. Avoid tying the twine too tight as this will prevent the sap flowing up the stem.

Tomato plants require some maintenance in June – Source: Pixabay

Harvest Fruit and Vegetables

Now is a great time to reap the benefits of any fruit or vegetables you’ve planted earlier in the year. Some fruit and vegetables such as potatoes, cucumber or salad greens are often best harvested when still immature and at their peak tenderness. Others like tomatoes are best picked when fully ripe and have had time to develop their flavour.

Try to keep an eye on the weather forecast and avoid harvesting when it’s wet, especially when harvesting disease-prone crops such as tomatoes or potatoes.

Make sure to use appropriate tools when harvesting. For certain crops such as potatoes, large tomatoes, potatoes and carrots it’s worth using pruning shears or a garden fork. This will prevent your fruit or vegetables from becoming damaged when harvesting which means that there are no entry points for disease.

Using the appropriate tools when harvesting will prevent crop damage

Check for Vine Weevil

Vine Weevil can do serious damage to plants when left untreated. Vine Weevil can lay up to 10,000 eggs a year. A simple solution to Vine Weevil is picking them off and shaking plants with something to catch and collect the adult weevils under your shrub.

Encourage predators such as birds or hedgehogs and frogs to your garden to eat the Vine Weevil.

You can also treat your plants with Bug Ultra Clear Vine Weevil Killer. It will kill larvae within the soil and it will also protect the plant. The Bug Clear is diluted in water and plants should be treated a maximum of twice a year. To prevent further infestation treat the feeding larvae when they are most active, between July and October. 

Use Moisture Control Gel in Compost

Adding moisture control gel to your compost in your hanging baskets or window boxes will increase its ability to hold water, as well as releasing water to the soil, which is really important in the warm weather.

This saves time and reduces watering frequency throughout the season, and is ideal for all plants both inside and outside.

Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Gel saves you from having to water your plants as often


Summer is here, don’t forget to enjoy and admire your garden once the hard part is over! Be sure to check out our outdoor living range to make your summer garden the perfect place to kick back and relax.

It’s important to also take some time to enjoy your garden.

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