10 Top Tips for Spring Cleaning

Now that Spring has sprung and the evenings are getting longer, it is the perfect time to give your garden a ‘Spring Clean’ in preparation for the growing season. We’ve compiled a list 10 jobs that will have you more than prepared for the busy months ahead.

1. Power Wash your Patio and Paving

Power washing is a quick and effective way of cleaning your patio slabs, walls and paving. We have a wide range of Karcher power washers and cleaners that are powerful enough to make light work of the toughest cleaning jobs, from delicate paintwork to stubborn patio grime. A build up of moss and algae on hard surfaces in your garden can cause them to become slippery. When it comes to removing moss and algae, it is a good idea to look for a chemical free moss remover in order to keep children and animals safe.

Karcher Range

Karcher cleaning machines combine functionality, user-friendliness and sophisticated design. We have everything you need to get your home and garden clean and organized in time for summer. Explore our range of Power Washers, Window Vacs, Sweepers and more.

2. Prepare your Perennials

Now is the time to cut away dead growth to allow for the new growing season. Lots of pruning, cutting and deadheading should be done at this time of year.

Cutting & Pruning Tools

Discover our range of cutting and pruning tools including wooden handle hedge shears, saws, secateurs and more. Shop top brands like True Temper, Fiskars and Kent & Stowe – all at great prices!

3. Wash your Outdoor Windows

Washing your outdoor windows should be at the top of your Spring Cleaning List! It is a great way to add extra light into your home and protects your window frames from unwanted build ups of grime and cobwebs. For an easy solution, use a Window Vac to enjoy streak-free results in minutes.

Karcher Window Vac – the quick and easy way to achieve streak-free surfaces around your home.

4. Clean the Gutters

Over time, your gutters will fill up with leaves and other debris. It is important to clean them out twice a year to keep them working properly. You can get rid of large debris using your hands but make sure to wear gloves and safety goggles when doing so.

It’s important to clean out your gutters twice a year.

5. Feed your Lawn

March is feed time for lawns!

Explore our wide range of plant feed and fertilisers to help your plants thrive. We have everything you need to keep your plants fed and healthy from top brands such as Vitax, Bayer and Miracle-Gro.

6. Prep your Planters

Get your pots, planters, hanging baskets and Vegepods ready for the planting season. Clean and disinfect your pots using a light dilution of Jeyes Fluid and refill with fresh compost.

Disinfect your planters and fill with fresh compost.

7. Trim the Hedges

Hedges start to grow in March and typically, keep growing until the middle of summer. So a little work now will keep them tidy, trim and looking their best. While a hedge clippers is perfect for a small hedge, investing in a good multi tool is well worth it if you have the space to store it. It has a detachable head and can be used as a trimmer, strimmer and pruner. It will save you time and will help you achieve a far more even hedge.

Brushcutters & Hedge Trimmers

Discover our wide range of Brushcutters and Hedge Trimmers from top brands such as Husqvarna, Alpina and Stiga to help keep your hedges in great shape this year.

8. Brushing & Raking

Now is the right time to think about brushing and raking any fallen debris or dead plant matter that might be lingering on your paths or lawns. Wet leaves can be very slippery and dangerous so it is important to keep your pathways clear as you begin to get out in the garden more.

Keep your pathways clear.

9. Get your Furniture & BBQs Ready

As the weather starts to pick up and the evenings get brighter it’s time to start thinking about your garden furniture and BBQs. Get them out of the shed and give them a brush down. Make sure all screws are fitted correctly and the structure is solid. If you are thinking about investing in a new furniture set or BBQ this year, check out our range below!

10. Plan out your Garden

Think about what beds you’re doing and what plants you will need. Make a list so you don’t forget anything!

Those are our Top 10 Tips for giving your garden a Spring Clean! If you have any questions reach out to us on social media or call into your local branch. You can find your nearest store by clicking here.