A Seaweed Tonic

As the growing season kicks off, we’re all focusing on how to get the best results from plants. This is the perfect time of year to give plants a boost by feeding them well and making sure they have the correct nutrients to grow healthy. If you manage this you are off to a winner.

Seaweed Feeds boost plants

Seaweed feeds are one of my favourite feeds to use in my own garden. I put it on my edible crops and my ornamental plants as well. Seaweed as a plant food is not a new concept to Irish gardens. In fact it has been used for generations and generations as one of the best forms of plant food.

In the past seaweed was only readily available to people in coastal areas and thus was not used as much as you travelled more inland. But now, no matter where youlive it is very easy to get your hands on seaweed feeds. Several companies are producing fantastic liquid and dried seaweed feeds that you can pick up in any garden centre.

Recently in CountryLife, we started stocking a new seaweed feed from Ocean Leaves the bottle has the slogan ‘Sea the difference’. I have to say that it does exactly what it says on the label. I’ve used it for the past few weeks in the garden and I am definitely seeing the difference.

Benefits of seaweed feed

With good seaweed feeds the very first benefit you see on your plants is improved foliage. I used some of the feed on my strawberry plants. Within about 10 days I notice a distinct improvement in the leaves of my plants.

Seaweed feeds can give increased crop yields

You see noticeable results with seaweed feeds because of seaweeds ability to improve soil quality and a plant’s ability to absorb nutrients from the soil. By doing this it means the plant is able to tap into much more beneficial nutrients from the soil to grow stronger and healthier. As the seaweed breaks down in the soil it also releases a lot of micronutrients that really benefit the plants.

Different types of seaweed feed

You can get two different forms of Ocean Leaves Seaweed Feed, a liquid concentrated and also a dried version. As with other forms of feed, the main difference between liquid and dried versions comes down to the rate at which nutrients are made available to plants.

Ocean Leaves Liquid Seaweed Extract

Liquid feeds show quicker results as they get to work straight away on the plants and soil. Dried feeds are often more slowly released so can take longer to take affect. Dried or powdered feedsneed time to break down before they give anything to the plants or soil.

Should I use a liquid or dried seaweed feed?

I often recommend using both kinds but for different reasons. If a plant is in need of a quick boost or lift, liquid feeds are much better to use. This is why I often use liquid feeds for pots and container with short-lived plants. While for anything like shrubs or hardy plants a dry feed can often give you better long term results for your plants.