Creating the Perfect Hanging Basket

Are you looking to add some colour to your garden this Summer? Hanging baskets are a great way to do so, let us talk you through how to perfect them. With practice, this skill can become your second nature!

Now is a great time to get them planted up to ensure that they are in full bloom with bright cascades of flowers in time for all your summer garden events.

The best part is you can really put anything you want in a hanging basket. Of course, there are a few tips and tricks we will share to achieve the optimal results, but really, the only limitation is your imagination!

What plants work best in a hanging basket?

Traditionally people love to use petunias and trailing geraniums because they give such great display of flowers and colours. Fushia plants are always a good choice as they can either be mixed in with other plants or look brilliant all by themselves too.

Small or large, fuchia plants add great vibrancy to hanging baskets. We also recommend begonias, which look especially good when you let them spill over the basket into a large cascade of flowers.

Source: Pesels

Caring for your hanging basket

Watering hanging baskets is the secret to successful hanging baskets. You never want to let your hanging baskets get dried out, especially in the sunny spells in the coming months.

There are a few products on the market that can help ensure your baskets stay hydrated when we get some beautiful sunny days during the summer months. Water retention gel is the most popular and helps save you time on watering when life gets hectic! You simply mix it into your compost at the planting stage and it will swell up when you water the soil and then slowly release the water to the plants as it is needed.

Source: Pexels

More Top Tips

  1. Always use a good quality compost, giving your basket the best chance from the start.
  2. When choosing you plants look for long flowering, scented varieties.
  3. Plan ahead! Try planting your basket indoors before hanging outside to avoid the risk of frost damage.
  4. Space is key. Go for bigger baskets where possible. Smaller, cheaper ones can dry out very quickly in hot weather.
  5. Don’t forget your water retention gel!
  6. Water your baskets regularly and feed them weekly with a liquid plant food.
  7. Keep an eye out for dead heads. Remove these to prolong your basket and keep it looking its best.
  8. Trim plants when they start to look straggly. Again, this will keep your basket looking healthy and colourful for longer.
Vibrant colour added by hanging baskets. Source:Pexels


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