4 Benefits of Irish Grown Plants

We are lucky in Ireland to have one of the best climates for growing plants and flowers in the world. Mainly it is thanks to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, bringing us lots of warmth and moisture. We are also lucky to have a great tradition of gardening in Ireland and an Irish industry of growing our own plants. Over 85% of our plants in Tirlán Countrylife are Irish grown, produced especially for us by our family owned growers. Some are very large and others are quite small but all have their own niche and all have very high standards.

Low Carbon Emissions

One of the greatest things about Irish grown plants is that when we order our plants they are picked, packed and delivered within hours and only travel a very short distance. This has incredible benefits for our quality, freshness and also has great benefits by saving fuels and reducing carbon emissions.


Some of our nurseries are now producing plants using recycled plastic pots and others are using 100% peat free compost. This has further supported our aims to have sustainable produce in our stores.

Reduced Pesticide & Herbicide Use

Many Irish nurseries produce plants by using the most natural way of growing. They have found ways of reducing and in some cases eliminating pesticides and herbicide use on their plants by using beneficial insects to pollinate and to control pests. We have found that less pesticides used on nurseries has increased the amount of plant friendly insects that in turn support a large biodiversity at the nurseries.

Happy & Healthier Plants

We find our Irish plants look much happier and healthier and therefore do much better than plants that may have travelled half way around the world. Here at Tirlán CountryLife we are proud to support Irish sustainably sourced plants.

We’re here to help

If you have any questions about looking after your garden or our Irish plants, call in store and talk to any of our horticulturists. We are happy to help.