Getting to Grips with the Eye Catching Senetti

Ensuring that plants thrive is our second nature. And with Senetti it’s no different. With beautiful, blazing hues of purple, indigo, pink, magenta, blue and violet, and a fan-favourite of the bees, it’s no wonder more and more people are looking for expert advice in helping them thrive.

Care Advice

Although the eye-catching senetti have a good deal of resilience to the uncertainty of an Irish summer, there a few things you can do in order to get the most out of them. Plant your senetti with as much of a view of the sun as possible, but protected from bitter easterly winds. Senetti are thirsty plants needing regular watering, and while they can thrive in wet conditions, they’ll struggle in cold or frosty condtions lower than 0. So, make sure to give them a good drink around midday, as cold water can shock the roots. 

Slightly acidic soil – ideally with a pH of 5.6 using a peat-based compost is where they’ll feel most at home.

If you want to give your senetti blooms a longer life, deadheading the plant will prolong its flowering period throughout the summer. Faded flowers should be cut to around 6 inches. And what’s more, the flower also has a unique ability to rebloom. So, if you feel your senetti has finished blooming, cut it down to around half its size, and that should trigger a second bloom in 3-4 weeks.

Source: Pexels

For deadheading, feed the plant with liquid potash-based food to promote healthy leaf and stem growth, so it can easily grow back the faded flower heads. And when it comes to feeding, senetti can be hungry little flowers, needing some good nourishment every two weeks with tomato or all-purpose feed.

Source: Pexels

And periodically check in on them. Check the lowest flower on the plant for signs of greenfly or root rot. Flowers can go over when insects gather on them, potentially causing the collapse of the whole plant. Compost that’s too wet can cause root rot, which can also threaten the plant collapsing.

Source: Pixabay


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