The Great Slug & Snail Battle

When I say the ‘great snail battle’ it really does feel like an almighty battle, especially this time of year.

Autumn is notoriously a bad time in the garden when it comes to slugs and snails. This is mainly because the weather is moist and thus it is much easier for them to get around the garden.

Autumn approaching also means that slugs and snails are getting ready to hibernate. And this means that are looking to stock up on food for winter by eating our plants.

How do I protect my garden from snails and slugs?

At this time of year customers that call into the CountryLife Garden Centre always ask ‘how do I protect my plants from slugs and snails’. But often it is too late to do much because the customer is coming in after the fact. The key to good slug and snail control is getting in early and stopping them in their tracks before they even reach your plants.

It’s important to tackle your slug and snail problem early on – Source: Pixabay

Slug control tricks

A very popular method to control slugs and snails at the moment is by using a beer trap. These simply involve burying a shop bought trap in the ground and placing a small layer of beer in it.

The slugs and snails are attracted to smell of the beer and when they reach the trap, fall in and drown. In the past in my own garden I have even made my own beer traps using a saucer or jam jar and found they worked have worked well too.

A beer trap is a very popular method of repelling slugs – Source: Pinterest

Slug control products

Slug pellets are a well-known method of control that are known to work. However some gardeners do worry about using slug pellets, especially if they own pets or have lots of birds in the garden.

Slug Clear Ultra is a very effective way of controlling slugs and snails

However some gardeners do worry about using slug pellets, especially if they own pets or have lots of birds in the garden. For gardeners with these concerns I recommend looking at organic slug pellets called Neudorff Sluggo that you can get now in our CountryLife stores.

These pellets are just as affective at controlling slugs and snails but they don’t cause harm to anyone else. Even if a bird eats a slug that been killed by the organic pellets, the bird won’t be affected. Organic pellets are also a better option to consider if you have young kids playing out in your garden.

Compassionate Control of Slugs

While slugs can cause damage to plants they are scavengers and eat decaying vegetation so they are also an important part of your garden’s ecosystem.

Protecting your plants from slugs without killing the slugs and snails is possible using barrier products like copper tape, gels or wool pellets. Slug Gone is a natural product made from sheep’s wool that creates a surface mat that slugs don’t like to cross.

Tips and tricks for keeping snails out of the house

Some customers in the past few weeks have come in with an issue of snails getting in the backdoor. There could be because your flowerbed or shrubbery is very close to the door. Give around the door a good tidy up and clear back any plants that may be housing the slugs and snails.

Place a strip of copper tape at the foot of your door and the slugs won’t travel over it. Copper irritates slugs and snails when they come in contact with it and thus won’t move over it making it a great barrier to prevent them coming into the house.

Copper tape acts as a barrier for slugs and snails

Get in Touch!

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