New Weber Barbeque Range

Take a look at what we have for you and just in time for summer. Our new Weber barbeque range has now arrived in store. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to finally get your dream barbeque. Weber has a wide range of barbeques to suit everyone.

The Weber Original kettle charcoal barbecue is the perfect barbeque. Its convenient size and classical shape means it is the perfect addition to any garden. This barbeque comes with a state of the art cleaning system making your outdoor dining experience even easier. It sits on durable all-weather wheels allowing you to move it around the garden easily. When you purchase this barbeque it comes with a free premium barbeque cover (worth €69.99) that is easy to get on and off. Cooking with this charcoal barbeque will help you to achieve that real smoky barbeque flavour. And what more could you want!

Get into the big leagues with our Weber Genesis II Gas 310 GBS Barbeque. This barbeque is loaded with features to help you make the most of your outdoor dining experience. The Weber BBQ has two stainless steel side tables and a built-in lid thermometer that will help you to monitor the temperature in the barbeque. It also comes with the I grill 3, and for those of you who don’t know about this yet, brace yourselves. Control the temperature of your food on the barbeque from your smartphone and apple device. Although these devices aren’t included with the Weber Genesis Barbeque, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this unique piece. And to top it all off, When you purchase this barbecue you will also receive a free premium barbecue cover (worth €129.99) to fit your Weber Genesis barbecue along with a free cast iron griddle (worth €59.99) – This accessory virtually acts as an integrated pan for your Weber barbecue.

Weber Genesis II Gas 310 GBS Barbeque

If you’re looking for something a bit smaller, our Weber Spirit II also has similar features to the Weber Genesis. Featuring the built-in lid thermometer, I grill3, it also has an infinity ignition to help start it up in no time. On the side there is a mount to hold your gas bottle keeping the gas cylinder secure and also showing you how much gas is left. Hooks on the side will hold your cooking utensils and an open cart design allows you to store your dishes. This barbeque is built on durable and all weather wheels, although it doesn’t come with a cover, it does come with a 10 year warranty. We recommend the Weber Spirit Premium barbecue cover to protect it.

There is a range of Weber barbeque covers so be sure to get your hands on the right one. They are made with UV inhibitors to prevent any fading and have waterproof properties to keep your barbeque dry from the summer showers.  Each cover comes with fastening straps to make sure it’s securely on.

Cast Iron Grill – It’s time to expand the menu. Barbeques are not just for burgers and sausages anymore, especially with this new cast iron grill. This really is a great accessory and you will find yourself cooking a lot of different foods on the barbeque once you get one! Try out your breakfast on the cast iron grill.. We suggest some pancakes or French toast with crispy bacon.

Weber Gas Barbecue Poultry Roaster

Weber Gas Barbecue Poultry Roaster the 2-in-1 design on this allows you took both your chicken and vegetables together on the barbeque. The poultry roaster is stainless steel and dishwasher proof making it easy to clean and maintain.