Kid’s Corner

Let your garden be the ultimate destination for family fun this summer. From instant entertainment to wildlife exploration, we have everything you need to get your little ones enjoying the great outdoors.

Instant Entertainment

Keeping the kids entertained throughout the summer is no easy feat! Exploring the great outdoors is the perfect way to keep the kids happy and busy in the fresh summer air. Spending time outdoors is so important for getting away from those electronic devices and having fun. We have pulled together everything your kids need to enjoy adventuring in the garden this summer!

Jungle Gym Safari Complete

This adaptable pressure treated Pine wooden play tower combines seamlessly with a range of modules. Your kids will feel in their natural habitat with the rustic Jungle Safari. Reached via the climbing wall or slanted ladder, this garden climbing frame’s play deck is the perfect sheltered spot to cuddle up in or slide down the slide to get closer to the action.

Price: €529

Zinc Ultimate Folding Electric Eco Bike

The Zinc Ultimate Folding E-bike is a new, elegant, compact and innovative folding electric bicycle.

Price: €749

Rolly Fire Unimog with Gears & Flashlight

The Rolly Fire Unimog with Gears & Flashlight is an exciting and robust toy designed for children aged 3 to 8 who have a fascination with fire trucks and firefighting adventures.

Price: €279.99

Exploring Wildlife

Encourage your kids to discover and explore the wildlife around them this summer with our wide range of bug kits & houses, bird feeders, tents and much more.

Garden Bug Net

This garden bug net is perfect for curious garden explorers and is a great way too see what butterflies and bugs they can collect!

Price: €4.49

Gardman Bee and Bug House

Give insects a safe place to stay in your garden and encourage solitary bees to nest in the tubes.

Price: €26.99

Gardman Paint Your Own Feeder

The Gardman Paint Your Own Feeder is a plain feeder that is perfect to decorate and paint with your own designs and is ideal for keeping the kids entertained. The feeder is made from FSC certified timber and comes with four non-toxic paints and two brushes. This easy to hang feeder will attract a variety of birds including sparrows, great tits and nuthatches.

Price: €12.99

Create a Bee-Friendly Garden

Sharing the joy of gardening with your kids can help them in so many ways. Not only does it enhance your little one’s creativity and curiosity, it teaches them valuable lessons and is a great way to get them interested in growing (and eating) veggies! Why not create a bee-friendly garden with your kids?Transforming your garden into a haven for our buzzing friends is not only a delightful family activity but also a crucial step in preserving our ecosystem. With a few simple products and a touch of creativity, you’ll not only beautify your outdoor space but also provide a sanctuary for these vital pollinators.

Flower Seeds Perennial 100 SQM Flowers

These Perennial 100 SQM Flowers need no care and will attract butterflies and bees into your garden. 

Price: €36.96

Seed Tray 5 pack

These seed trays are made from recycled plastic and are fully recyclable. They can be used for sowing the majority of seeds in the home and garden.

Price: €6.75

Nigella Seeds – Alien Eggs! (Persian Jewels Mix)

Easy to grow, brightly coloured edible flowers, followed by impressively weird seed pods that look like Alien Eggs!

Price: €3.95

Suttons Seed Fun To Grow Runner Bean

A fun, educational way to get children growing flowers and veg.

Price: €4.50

Garden Accessories

Our range of kid-friendly gardening accessories are designed to inspire young minds and nurture a love for nature. From colourful watering cans to sturdy child-sized tools, we’ve curated a selection that makes gardening accessible and enjoyable for children of all ages.

Kent & Stowe Kids Trowel

The Kent & Stowe Kids Trowel is a perfectly sized gardening trowel for children aged 4 years and above.

Price: €8.99

Kent & Stowe Kids Fork

The Kent & Stowe Kids Fork is a perfectly sized digging fork ideal for children aged 4 years and above.

Price: €26.99

Kid’s Gardening Bucket

Encourage kids to get involved in gardening with this Kid’s Gardening Bucket – perfect for digging and carrying around the garden.

Price: €4.99

Kent & Stowe Kids Budding Gardner Gloves

Kent & Stowe Kids Kids Budding Gardner Gloves are specifically designed to provide comfort, protection, and an excellent grip for children aged 6 to 9.

Price: €7.95

Garden Lighting

See your home in a new light with our wide range of solar lights. Add some fun and instant colour into your garden with our various kid friendly lights, perfect for creating an enchanting atmosphere that will encourage your little one’s imagination to run wild.

Lady Bug Solar Lights

These Lady Bug Lights are a great way to bring brightness and joy into your garden. They charge in direct sunlight and automatically illuminate at night.

Price: €6.99

Solar Fairy Wing

Bring a sense of fairy magic to your garden with these stunning fairy lights. The perfect way to add some enchanting and vibrant colours to your garden.

Price: €15.99

Outdoor Colour Changing Lights 15m

Illuminate your garden or patio with these beautiful decorative waterproof outdoor garden LED colour-changing lights.

Price: €69.99

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