Summer BBQ Range

With Summer quickly approaching, now is the time to finally start dreaming about a delicious barbeque to complement those longer and brighter evenings ahead. If you love alfresco cooking we have everything you need to serve up a feast! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fill your garden with the delightful aroma of food cooking on your BBQ. Choose from our gas or charcoal BBQs and browse our wide range of accessories. Plus find some mouth watering recipes below to spark some inspiration!

Gas BBQs

Outdoor dining just doesn’t get better than this! Our wide range of gas BBQs from top brands at great prices such as Weber and Sahara are perfect for efficient, convenient and ready-in-a-flash cooking.

The Sahara X150 BBQ

The Sahara X150 BBQ is a small package with a big attitude BBQ offering various features such as an enamel coated cooking grill for high performance and durability. It’s strong construction with a factory welded frame, along with its high quality rubber rimmed wheel makes the Sahara X150 BBQ this summer’s must have

Weber Spirit II E-210 BBQ

This two-burner barbecue is built to fit on a small patio or balcony and is packed with features. The GS4 high-performance grilling system and iGrill 3 compatibility ensures great results every time, while the Gourmet Barbecue System grates give you endless menu possibilities. This BBQ has an open cart design with a fold-down left side table and lid thermometer. Open your door to the world of barbecuing with the Spirit II E-210 gas barbecue.

Weber Genesis II 310 BBQ

This barbeque is loaded with features to help you make the most of your outdoor dining experience. The Weber BBQ has two stainless steel side tables and a built-in lid thermometer that will help you to monitor the temperature in the barbeque. It also comes with the I grill 3, and for those of you who don’t know about this yet, brace yourselves. Control the temperature of your food on the barbeque from your smartphone and apple device. 

Charcoal BBQs

If a charcoal BBQ is more of what you’re into, then with patience and dedication, you’ll be sure to achieve that authentic smoky barbeque flavour. The iconic Original Kettle E-5710 charcoal BBQ is loved by barbeque heroes everywhere. Its convenient size makes it the perfect addition to any garden. Make your dining experience even easier with its state of the art one touch cleaning system. With its built in lid thermometer and all-weather wheels, outdoor cooking just doesn’t get simpler.

BBQ Accessories

Enhance your BBQ experience further with our unique accessories to really take your BBQ game to the next level. Discover our wide range of BBQ Fuel, Brushes, Charcoal, Cooking Accessories, Chimney Starters, Lighters and Cubes, Thermometers and Wood Chips from top brands such as Weber, all at great prices.

The Ultimate Burger Recipe

You just cant beat the smell of burgers cooking on a BBQ! The Ultimate Burger is perfect for entertaining during the summer months. This simple, ready-in-a-flash recipe is sure to be loved by everyone in the family.

  • Serves 4
  • Prep Time 15 Mins
  • Grilling Time 6 Mins

What You’ll Need

  • 4 Brioche Buns
  • 760g minced chuck steak
  • 200g minced suet
  • 5 tsp freshly cracked black pepper
  • 3 tsp sea salt crystals
  • 200g (8 slices) Raclette cheese

To Garnish

  • ¼ iceberg lettuce, finely chopped
  • 6 large sweet dill pickled gherkins, finely sliced
  • Pickle juice, reserve the juice from the gherkins
  • 1 sweet white onion, very finely chopped
  • Ketchup


  1. In the kitchen, in a bowl or blender, mix the beef mince gently with the suet and a little salt and pepper until well combined.
  2. Divide the minced beef into 8 balls weighing around 120g each. Next, using the ¼ lb setting on the Weber Burger Press, shape your patties.
  3. Place the formed patties onto a plate and chill in the fridge for one hour to firm up before cooking. (Burgers differ from steak in that they can be cooked from cold. Their processed structure means they don’t toughen. They will also hold their shape better)

At The BBQ

  1. After the burgers have chilled, season them generously with salt and cracked black pepper.
  2. The burgers are now ready to grill. Place them directly onto the cooking grates, and allow them to grill for 2 minutes.
  3. Before turning, check to see if the burgers will self-release from the cooking grate. If they do, then flip. If they are stuck they may need a little more time until they release. Allow the burgers to cook for a further 2 minutes before sliding them across to indirect heat.
  4. At this point add a slice of cheese to each burger before replacing the lid. This will enable the burgers to fully cook through, eliminating any risk of burning.
  5. Use an instant read thermometer to ensure a core temperature of 70°C has been reached. Remove and rest for a couple minutes while you prepare the bun and garnish.
  6. Lightly toast the underside of each half of the bun, remove then build your burger. Serve with chopped iceberg lettuce, sweet onions, pickled gherkin and ketchup.